Welcome back Atlanta Jets Fans! Lets get this 2015 season started!

Both Mazzy’s (2217 Roswell Rd NE Marietta, GA 30062) and Bada Bings (349 Decatur Street SE Suite A-1 Atlanta, GA 30312) will be ready for us this Sunday at 1:00.

Mazzys will be offering the usual 10% discount on food plus they will be offering some extra food and drink specials week 1 to welcome everyone back!!

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Need to have a quick chat with you all about Mazzy’s, our servers, and tipping. We have always enjoyed rock star status at Mazzy’s having complete control over the bigger side of the bar and always having the best servers that Mazzy’s (or any restaurant) has to offer.

Service and Feedback!!! 
Mazzy’s always provides us with the same servers so they can learn what we all order to provide us the best service possible. Our servers do the best to get us our food and drinks quickly but that doesn’t mean that the kitchen or the bar won’t get backed up because we all get there and order at the same time. All that being said there is always room for improvement and the management team always has an open ear to any feedback (GOOD and BAD). If there are any problems with your service or feedback in general please ask for a manager and I’m sure they will quickly address your concerns.

Tipping !!
Tipping is considered a choice at Mazzy’s which is why there is not a required minimum tip. We need to be mindful that in Georgia the minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13 per hour. Please recognize their efforts and reward our servers to the best of your ability. Also remember that each server only has a few tables each and usually works our section for 6 hours if you count set up and clean up.

It took us a long time to find a perfect spot for our group at Mazzy’s. Lets make sure we have a long and happy future there.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Feel free to message me if you have a question or concern.

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Here is the deal people. The tailgate will start at 4:30 PM at the Georgia Dome. We will be set up in the Gulch Lot A (do a google search to find out how to get down there). We added another keg (now up to 3) and will have plenty of food for the people who have already committed. If you’re on the fence this is your last chance to guarantee yourself a spot.

I didn’t make most of you pre-pay so I am trusting you all to show up. We’ve had to pay for everything up front and the club isn’t making a penny on the tailgate so if you don’t show the $$ comes out of my pocket.

Transportation Info!!!

If you’ve already reserved a place on the bus there will be 2 shuttles leaving from Mazzy’s. The shuttles will leave Mazzy’s at 4:00 and 5:30. If there is any interest we can add a run that will leave at 7:00 and will cost $15 (no tailgating) but is a great way to get to and from the game safely if you can’t get there early enough.

After the game we will have both shuttles at the game 30 minutes before the game ends. As soon as the first shuttle is full it will leave to return to Mazzy’s. The 2nd shuttle will not leave until everyone is back on the bus or 30 minutes after the gane ends. If there is some emergency and you need more time I will give you my cell phone number on the bus so we can figure something out.

Again, if you reserved a seat on the bus show up… We’ve already pre-paid for everything.

Shoot me an email if you have questions .. Can’t wait for tomorrow. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

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Tailgate Info!!!!!

Where: Georgia Dome Lot
When: Monday, 10/7 4:00 – 8:00
Cost: $20 Tailgate Only / Additional $15 if you want transportation from/to Mazzys

Come enjoy Free Food, Free Beer (we have 2 kegs) with the Atlanta Jets Fan Club!!!!! I only have 50 spots available so first come first in…  For an extra $15 we have a bus that will bring you to and from the game leaving from Mazzys at 4:00 and 5:30 (for those of you that can’t get out of work early).

Email me ASAP if you want in because I expect we will sell out!!!! jets@atlantajetsfans.com!!!!

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Jets Beat Bucs!

Did that really happen? I keep checking ESPN.com just to make sure it wasn’t a strange dream. Great Crowd (110+). Great Win. Nuff Said!

Jets/Patriots this Thursday

The Jets/Pats game will be shown in the back room at Mazzy’s (NON-SMOKING). Mazzy’s will be putting out a light appetizer table for us in the back to make up for us not being in our regular spot.


We currently do not have any more tickets for the Jets/Falcons game in the sections we have already received from the Falcons. The Falcons have an additional 40 tickets in another section (302) if we get enough interest. Tickets with the discount is $45. Let me know ASAP and I must get at least 20 tickets to get the discount.

Transportation: We are looking at getting a bus to and from the game leaving from Mazzy’s. We should have information and pricing available next week. Price (once we know it) will include transportation to and from the game and beer on the bus.

Road Trips: We don’t have enough interest in group seats for the Nashville and Charlotte games. We will find a way to meet up in both cities the night before and day of the game so if you are going let me know so we can get your info.

Jerseys: Do you have an old Revis or Plaxico jersey you need to replace? Here is your chance. I am placing a jersey order ASAP. Jerseys are only $40 and are really good quality.

Womens Jerseys: Sizes: S,M,L, XL, 2XL Players Mangold #75, Holmes #10 S

Mens Jerseys: Sizes (40, 44, 48, 52, 56)
Players: Pouha #91, Hill #84, Mangold #75, Ferguson #60, Harris #52, Milner #27, Kerley #11, Holmes #10, Smith #7
Throwbacks: Gastineau #99, Walker #85, Chrebet #80, Klecko #73, Namath #12

See you all on Thursday!!!

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I have immediate access to 100 tickets in Section 326 through the Falcons. Face value on these tickets is normally $70 and we can get them for $55.00. The game is sold out so the only way to get any tickets is stubhub.  The stubhub prices are not too bad but this is the only section where we can all sit together.

They will NOT hold these for me and there is another group that has been asking about them.

If you want to sit with the group I need to know no later than this Friday 8/9. Send an email to jets@atlantajetsfans.com and let me know how many seats you need.

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Here we are Atlanta Jets Fans, Only 3 months before the kickoff of our 2013  season. Once again we are proud to call Mazzy’s our Atlanta home and Matt and his staff are already hard at work in making sure this is our best season yet.

Jets @ Falcons, Monday October 7, 2013

I can’t believe its been 8 years since the Jets visited Atlanta but the Jets return for another Monday night game (lets hope its better than the last MNF Jets game in Atlanta). The Atlanta Jets Fan Club will be acquiring group seats to the game (email us if you want to sit with the group).  We will also be hosting a party on Sunday and some kind of pre-game party of tailgate (details will be available soon). We are also working on transportation to and from the game (from Mazzy’s).

Other Area Jets Games

The Jets are also playing nearby in Nashville and Charlotte. Many of us will be making the trip so we will try to coordinate our travels and tickets

All Pre-Season games will be available at Mazzy’s

Don’t forget Mazzy’s is the ONLY place in Atlanta where you can watch all NY Jets preseason games in Atlanta.

Atlanta Jets Fans on Facebook and Twitter

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