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Need to have a quick chat with you all about Mazzy’s, our servers, and tipping. We have always enjoyed rock star status at Mazzy’s having complete control over the bigger side of the bar and always having the best servers that Mazzy’s (or any restaurant) has to offer.

Service and Feedback!!! 
Mazzy’s always provides us with the same servers so they can learn what we all order to provide us the best service possible. Our servers do the best to get us our food and drinks quickly but that doesn’t mean that the kitchen or the bar won’t get backed up because we all get there and order at the same time. All that being said there is always room for improvement and the management team always has an open ear to any feedback (GOOD and BAD). If there are any problems with your service or feedback in general please ask for a manager and I’m sure they will quickly address your concerns.

Tipping !!
Tipping is considered a choice at Mazzy’s which is why there is not a required minimum tip. We need to be mindful that in Georgia the minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13 per hour. Please recognize their efforts and reward our servers to the best of your ability. Also remember that each server only has a few tables each and usually works our section for 6 hours if you count set up and clean up.

It took us a long time to find a perfect spot for our group at Mazzy’s. Lets make sure we have a long and happy future there.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Feel free to message me if you have a question or concern.

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