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About AJF

Who is the Atlanta Jets Fan Club

Established in 1997 the Atlanta Jets Fan Club started as 10-12 Jets fans meeting up each week at Jocks and Jills in Atlanta. Over the years we’ve moved to 5 different bars looking for the perfect home,  co-hosted a fan rally with the New York Jets and former CB Victor Green, found the perfect home in Mazzy’s and established ourselves as one of the best Jets Fan Clubs in the country averaging about 125 Jets fans each week in 2009.

In early 2010 our club had 250+ people come out to watch the Jets/Colts playoff game. Virtually every seat in the bar was full and the atmosphere was incredible.

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  2. Mitch Fisher says:

    Hey There !!! This is GREAT!!! My name is Mitch…Mitch Fisher. I’m a home born New Yorker and BONA-FIDE JETS fan !!!!!. But about 10 years ago I moved to Memphis, TN with my job and as you have guess I don’t have that much needed Gang-Green comradary that I once had since I’ve moved to the South. STILL..I BLEED JETS GREEN and every chance I get I go to the local sports bar close to me ( here in Memphis called “The East End Grill) where about a dozen transplanted New Yorkers watch and cheer for our JETS!!! I’m really happy I’ve come upon your website !! Because I’ll be attending the JETS/Falcon MNF game this October and I wanted some place to chill out and watch the games on sunday before our Monday Night game. You guys are my saviors!!!! I can come there!!!!!!! Well..I’d come to “Mazzy’s”.. Is it open seating ?? Do I have to follow any rules or procedures to join and/or participate in any of your JETS events or activities ? I know I live in Memphis..but can I keep in touch with you guys or get enrolled in a newsletter you may sponser? Please send all all the info you think it’s necessary for me to have and see ya October 6th !!!!! I’ll be at the game Monday NIGHT right behind the JETS bench !!!!! I also have tickets to the JETS/ Titans game the week before in Nashville !!! Thanks for hearing me out!!! JAAAAAAAAAAAAAY-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-TEEEEEEEEEEEEE-SSSSSSSS JETS-JETS-JETS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jason says:

      Mitch, no procedures to join. No secret handshake, just join us when you can :) You can follow any of our activities on this site and our facebook page.

      • Mitch F. says:

        What’s up Jason !!!!!!!??? How U doin’ BRO !!!?? Hope all is well !! The last time we spoke was after our victory on MNF over the falcons!! THAT WAS SWEEEET !! In fact, the whole day was AWESOME!!! Just wanted to say THANKS to you and ALL THE Atlanta JETS gang from Mazzy’s for making my entire weekend a great experience!!! Which brings me to the other reason I’m sending this message to you… As you well know, I’m an original New Yorker and JETS fan who relocated to Memphis. Anytime the Jets get close to Memphis, I travel to watch them LIVE as was the case two years a go in Atlanta. Well, as you well know..OUR JETS play the Texans and Cowboys in Houston and Dallas this year respectively. I’m going to both of those games. I was wondering if you were put together a road trip this year to Houston and Dallas respectively for the Atlanta gang. I know that there are JETS fans from both Houston and Dallas whom plan to join together for both the games. I thought it would be even better to have strength in numbers should you and the crew from ATL join as well. Just in case you may not be aware… Here’s the link if you’re interested… http://www.meetup.com/NY-JETS-Fans-in-Houston/ . It would be awesome to get together again!!! Again Thanks for just the GREATEST time back in 2013!! Looking forward to much much more victories in 2015!! Take care Jason!!! JAAAAAAAAAY-EEEEEEEEE-TEEEEEEEE-SSSS: JETS-JETS-JETS !!!!!! your friend… Mitch

  3. Vince Caporusso says:

    Great fan club!

  4. Tim Haley says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you and all the Jets fans there at Mazzy’s last week for the preseason opener. I had a great time meeting everyone there. A great group of Jets fan who made me feel welcome. Thank You again to all of you for your hospitality.

    On behalf of Motown South, I’d like to welcome all of you over to Mazzy’s Norcross to join us anytime and to hang out with Motown South!

    Have a great season,


    Tim Haley
    Detroit Lions Fan Club of ATLANTA
    Motown South
    FB: Detroit Lions Fan Club of ATLANTA

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